Software Freedom Day

Saturday 19 September 2014

To be announced

About Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is an international celebration with events organised by volunteers all over the world.

We're dedicated to a harassment-free event experience for everyone. For details, see our anti-harassment policy.

Free Software and Open Source are social movements that celebrate the freedom and independence of people who use software. They are ethical approaches to building software that values your rights to use the software in any way, study how it works, share it with others and modify it to suit your needs. Over 30 years these movements have grown from a philosophy to the entire operating system of freedom-respecting software.

For more information about the Free Software movement visit the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project.

To get a Free Software operating system for your computer, we recommend Trisquel GNU/Linux or Debian GNU/Linux. Both these operating systems can be run from a CD or USB drive so you can try them without disturbing your existing installation.