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Software Freedom Day

Saturday 16th September 2017

12pm – 6pm, Electron Workshop

Free of charge, newcomers welcome

Join us on Software Freedom Day to learn more about Free Software and Open Source.

It's that time of the year where we celebrate our freedoms in technology and raise a ruckus about all the freedoms that have been eroded away. The time of the year we look at how we might keep our increasingly digital lives under our our own control and prevent prying eyes from seeing things they shouldn't. You guessed it: It's Software Freedom Day!

Free Software Melbourne, in conjunction with Linux Users Victoria, is celebrating the 14th annual Software Freedom Day with talks from Linux Users Victoria, Electronic Frontiers Australia and the F-Droid app store. We'll also be having plenty of networking opportunities, introductions to local technology groups and a Linux installfest. So bring down that old pc you were about to throw away and give it a new coat of Debian and bring it back to life!

We have a Code of Conduct online which we follow. In short: Be respectful. Be mindful. Work together. Link provided below. This is the a family friendly event, please invite anyone that is interested along to help make it a great day

Entry is free anytime, so help spread the word on everyone’s liberties. Tea, Coffee and light refreshments will be provided gratis

Electron Workshop
31 Arden Street, North Melbourne


12:00pm Doors open

Come on in and say "hello", "hi" or "how do you do?". Just come on in to Software Freedom Day 2017!

12:15pm Introduction to FOSS with FSM

An introdution to the concepts of Free and Open Source Software. Come allong and find out why Open doesen't always mean Free and what the difference means for you!

1:00pm Michael Verrenkamp

Welcome and Gnews for the year.

1:15pm Jon Lawrence

Electronic Frontiers Australia.

2:15pm OS Community get together

Local community group introductions. A short pitch from many local Open Source and Free Software groups.

2:45pm Break and Installfest

Installfest (Debian focused). Bring your old hardware and give it a fresh new coat of Linux.

3:15pm Andrew Pam

Linux and Linux Users Victoria.

4:15pm Peter Serwylo

The F-Droid app store.

6:00pm End of Day

Dinner at KL Bangra down the street.

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Serversaurus ElectronWorkshop

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About Software Freedom Day

Software Freedom Day is an international celebration with events organised by volunteers all over the world.

Free Software and Open Source are social movements that celebrate the freedom and independence of people who use software. They are ethical approaches to building software that values your rights to use the software in any way, study how it works, share it with others and modify it to suit your needs. Over 30 years these movements have grown from a philosophy to the entire operating system of freedom-respecting software.

For more information about the Free Software movement visit the Free Software Foundation and the GNU Project.

To get a Free Software operating system for your computer, we recommend Trisquel GNU/Linux or Debian GNU/Linux. Both these operating systems can be run from a CD or USB drive so you can try them without disturbing your existing installation.